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Silicone Earplugs

Pure Silicone.

Otifleks is made from pure medical grade German silicone so you have the most comfortable experience.

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Ladybuds Earplugs

For All.

People everywhere are deprived of sleep due to noises and other disturbances. Win back some of those sleepless nights by blocking out unwanted noise with these ultimate softness, carefully catered earplugs by Otifleks.

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Comfort over
the clouds

You never know who will sit next to you in a flight, it could be a crying baby or a loud talker. Otifleks Flier is designed to block noise while still protecting you from pressure changes.

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Flier Earplugs
Natural Beeswax Earplugs

All Natural.

The first earplug to be made out of natural beeswax. Made from a honeycomb and cotton fibre mixture, this earplug is notable for using the most natural materials of all available earplugs.

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A Classic

Some things never get old. Otifleks offers an oustanding option for the ones who prefer to stick with the classics.

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Supersoft Foam Earplugs